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Re: 2.2.23 vs 2.3.1alpha speed compairisons

--On Friday, February 18, 2005 2:48 PM -0600 "Armbrust, Daniel C." <Armbrust.Daniel@mayo.edu> wrote:

We have a java application that reads and writes terminologies from a
server - the server part is pluggable - we have implementations that work
against ldap and against SQL.  I have been doing some testing, and
thought that these numbers may be of interest to other folks.

The numbers below are the amount of time in milliseconds that it took to
do the operation on the terminology.  The client and server hardware was
the same for all tests.

The BerkeleyDB version for openldap 2.2.23 was BerkeleyDB 4.2.52(.2)

The BerkeleyDB version for openldap 2.3.1alpha was BerkeleyDB 4.3.17(.3)

Further configuration info below.

Full Read						  AVG
Ldap 2.3.1alpha		5906	5750	5812	- 5822
Ldap 2.2.23			7188	7235	8047	- 7490
MySQL				4703	4610	4687	- 4666

Full Write
Ldap 2.3.1alpha		46484	44765	45406	- 45551
Ldap 2.2.23 (no log)	7547	7843	7812	- 7734
Ldap 2.2.23 (logging)	38235	45125 42797	- 42052
MySQL				5828	6250	7156	- 6411

Full Erase
Ldap 2.3.1alpha		43000	47672	46750	- 44390
Ldap 2.2.23	(no log)	5687	5922	6094	- 5901
Ldap 2.2.23	(logging)	43657 46265 44703 - 44875
MySQL				328	203	188	- 239

(no log) means that my DB_CONFIG file looked like this: set_flags DB_TXN_NOSYNC set_flags DB_TXN_NOT_DURABLE set_cachesize 1 0 1

(logging) means that my DB_CONFIG file looked like this:
set_cachesize	1 0 1

The DB_CONFIG file for 2.3.1alpha was:
set_cachesize	1 0 1

Performance is roughly what I would expect in comparison to MySQL - and I was happy to see that reads have gotten faster in the 2.3 series. The logging issues are something else, however. Since we converted from ldbm to bdb - we have always disabled the logging - we really have no need for it. The logging certainly isn't worth the performance penalty - and disabling it was the only way to get comparable performance to what ldbm had.

Does anyone know if the logging changes to the new version of BerkeleyDB
are a bug, or a "feature"?  Because having the logging turned on makes
the performance of openldap to horrible for us to use for large inserts.
And if they won't allow us to turn it off anymore - I would want to go
file a bug report on it.

There is no need to use BDB 4.3 with OpenLDAP 2.3 alpha, and I don't see any reason why one would want to use BDB 4.3 at all, really, as long as you apply the transaction patches to BDB 4.2. I've done some testing of the performance of OL 2.3 alpha 1, and although I found that mixed queries were faster in 2.3, I found that exact queries were actually significantly slower.

I also think comparing with different versions of BDB isn't a particularly equal test. And BDB 4.3.17 is extremely ancient at this point.


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