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Re: V2 --> V3 migration

--On Wednesday, February 16, 2005 6:19 PM -0800 Eddy Tan <eddy_hs@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi all,

ItÂs possibly of topic here, but lots of questions regarding

I am in the process of migrating from 2.0.27 to 2.2.23 on
Debian Woody  <---------

1. Make sure the objectclasses/attributes you are using in
2.0.27 are included in 2.2.23 schema files and are properly
defined forthem. Some schema files have changed.

This is not entirely correct. The latest slapd package on debian
woody is version 2.0.23 whilst the sid/sarge package has its
newest version of 2.1.30.

ThereÂs currently no way of getting openldap 2.2.23 installed
from debian official package _unless_ you want to make your own
package which usually involves lots of troubles (esp. on GnuTL)

Not really.

Anyone who wants to actually run a directory *server* (as opposed to using the local client libraries for things like pam_ldap and nss-ldap) should be wise enough to build and install their own set of the OpenLDAP packages into a location that does not conflict with the installed client libraries (like /opt or /usr/local). That is the only way you will be able to really provide a stable service that can keep up with the critical bug fixes that get applied to the packages involved.

I have a test directory server up & running on debian sarge with locally built packages (/usr/local) and it works just fine, without conflicting with the deprecated libraries & binaries shipped with debian sarge.


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