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Re: Header files for Windows client

Sangita Mohan wrote:

I downloaded the client library for Windows using Cygwin. I got a bunch of dll files


Basically I am upgrading my client from using the old umich LDAP to the current version of OpenLDAP. I generated the lib files from the dlls to use in my client. However I have been unlucky in locating the header files to include.

Whoever created the cygwin library package should have also provided a set of header files.

The source that I got won't compile on Windows as I have files with a .h.in extension.


Does anyone have the header files to use for the Windows client library.

Read the INSTALL file that comes with the source code. You have to run configure first.

Also does the cygwin1.dll need to be included in my client along with the OpenLDAP dll files?

If you're building with cygwin then yes, the cygwin DLL needs to be present. Generally I find that cygwin performs poorly and it's better to use the native Windows APIs by building for MinGW instead.

Any help is appreciated.

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