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Re: keep getting errors on this DSA

[ Please ignore the "Cc: x@ci.com.au" on my last message; that was my
  stuff-up ]

On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Craig White wrote:

> But if db_verify doesn't work, why does db_recover work? I am seeking a
> way to verify the files as I am getting errors.

db_verify works on the *.bdb files, and db_recover on the entire directory 
of files.

> Feb 14 21:51:52 srv1 slapd[19039]: bdb(dc=tobyhouse,dc=com): Invalid log
> file: log.0000000001: No such file or directory

This is suspicious.  Have you put the log files elsewhere, and not chown'd 
them to ldap:ldap?

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