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Re: 2.3.1alpha tips?

--On Monday, February 14, 2005 10:48 AM -0600 "Armbrust, Daniel C." <Armbrust.Daniel@mayo.edu> wrote:

I'm planning on testing the 2.3.1alpha release, (the roadmaps seems to
indicate that there are changes that make it more scaleable - while I
would appreciate) and am wondering what BerkeleyDB I should build it on?

I know there were (are?) some issues with the 4.3 release and openldap?

4.3.27 or later should be fine with OL 2.3 alpha 1.

I'm assuming the database format is different that the 2.2.X series - so
a load from ldif is in order.

Hm, no, I don't think they are, but if you switch BDB releases, you will have to slapcat/slapadd.

I've been making the following changes to my 2.2.X builds to address
scalability problems with our data set:

In the file 'servers/slapd/back-bdb/idl.h' you should modify these two
# define BDB_IDL_DB_SIZE (1<<16) /* 64K IDL on disk*/
# define BDB_IDL_UM_SIZE (1<<17) /* 128K IDL in memory*/

so that they read:
# define BDB_IDL_DB_SIZE (1<<18) /* 256K IDL on disk*/
# define BDB_IDL_UM_SIZE (1<<19) /* 512K IDL in memory*/

Next, you need to modify the file 'include/ldap_pvt_thread.h' on the line
that says:
# define LDAP_PVT_THREAD_STACK_SIZE (4*1024*1024)

change it to:
# define LDAP_PVT_THREAD_STACK_SIZE (8*1024*1024)

Should I make these changes in the 2.3 series as well?  I guess I can
just try loading the data without the changes, and see if it "breaks"

You should load the data with the new quick option to slapadd, I think it will get around the issues you are seeing, at least as far as loading the data is concerned. You also don't have to fiddle with changing DB_CONFIG when doing data loads with the new quick option:

slapadd -q -l <file>


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