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Re: Using VisualBasic to access OpenLDAP v2.2.20

At 10:07 PM 2/13/2005, Rob Tanner wrote:
>I want to write a small address book client (lookups of name, campus
>phone, address, email etc) to distribute to PC users on campus to
>access our main server, running OpenLDAP v2.2.20, and my thought was to
>do it in VisualBasic (.NET) to get a native executable.  Problem is,
>there doesn't seem to be any LDAP documentation for non-Active
>Directory/ADSI access.  Can anyone tell me what's required to access
>OpenLDAP using VisualBasic and perhaps have a snippet or two of code
>you would be willing to share.

OpenLDAP Software does not include a library binding for
VisualBasic, hence there are no examples (at least not on
www.openldap.org) for use of OpenLDAP libraries in that language.

Of course, you need not use OpenLDAP libraries to construct an
LDAP client.  You can use any general-purpose LDAP library
available for VisualBasic to construct an LDAP client.  You
should consult documentation, web sites, mailing lists about
Visual Basic to determine what general-purpose LDAP libraries
are available for VisualBasic and how to use those libraries in
constructing LDAP clients.

Regards, Kurt