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Searching self-defined attributes

For a web site user management, We've derived a schema from inetorgperson.
All attributes work fine as of storing and retrieving information.
But, for instance with the following attribute, search even in command
line on the server itself is failing.
If we search for (memberNetwork=*), we retrieve all the users that
have the attribute set, but if  for instance we search for
(memberNetwork=92), knowing that some users have the attribute set to
that value, it fails.
We suspect it's related to the way we defined the attribute, but infos
fetched by google searching so far didn't help us. Here's how we
defined it:
Attributetype (
       NAME 'memberNetwork'
       DESC 'Network appartenance of a member'
       EQUALITY octetStringMatch
If anyone has an idea, or a precise refrence to relevant information
we could read, the dev team here would be most grateful.