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Re: good time to learn how to fix problems

--On Saturday, February 12, 2005 12:26 PM -0700 Craig White <craigwhite@azapple.com> wrote:

I gave up and did the dump and reload of my slapcat file and had pretty
much the same problem and figured out that it was the index files that
were giving me problems. So I dumped and reloaded again and did
slapindex after slapadd and that seemed to fix things and it is working
fine. That may have been my problem all along. I would have sworn that
someone said that slapindex after slapadd was unnecessary but that
doesn't appear to be the case with 2.2.19

You have something else wrong, as slapadd does the indexing while adding the database. You are removing the __db.*, *.bdb, and all the bdb logs before running slapadd, right?

I would guess that you didn't apply the OL related transaction patch, just the BDB one.




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