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Re: Is there any example OpenLDAP application?

At 01:04 AM 2/11/2005, Alessandro Bottoni wrote:
>Is there any complete OpenLDAP application that can be used both as "training 
>material" while studying OpenLDAD and as a "system test" application when 
>deploying it?
>I mean, a set of files like this:
>- a slapd.conf
>- a slapd.access.conf
>- an example directory distributed as an LDIF file

There are a number of samples in the test directory.

>- some instruction about how to use the above files

There are no instructions on how to use these test samples
as examples.

>The Quick Start Guide material is good but I would like to find something more 
>"complete", with some example entries, a few example ACLs and so on.

The admin guide does provide some additional material...

(and, of course, members of the community is welcomed to contribute
additional material, either for inclusion in the Admin Guide, FAQ,
etc., or even as stand-alone document.)

There are various HOW-TOs floating about, many of which are listed
in the FAQ (and/or archives of this list).

>Many thanks in advance for your attention
>PS: No, unfortunately I do not have neither a MS AD nor a Netscape/Evolution 
>directory to export as LDIF and reuse as an OpenLDAP example... :-(
>Alessandro Bottoni