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[newbie] How to get struct ldap->ld_lberoptions from application?


I'm wrapping some server-side controls related stuff in python.
Therefore I want to be able to create variables of type BerElement
without an LDAP* being available, such that control values can be
"first class" objects in my application (without requiring an LDAP*

Unfortunately then I can't use ber_allocate_with_options then and I
have to go with 'ber_alloc_t'.  Currently I just specify LBER_USE_DER
in every call to ber_alloc_t as ldapsearch.c does.  But my impression
is that it would be preferable to set ber->ber_options to the value of
struct ldap's ld_lberoptions (which obviously is always available when
the BerElement gets actually encoded by ldap_create_control, which is
immediately before the coded value hits the wire in my case).

Is this assumption correct?  If so is there a way to get
ld_lberoptions through ldap_get_option or somehow else?  What is the
rationale behind requiring that the ber_options must be set at
BerElement's creation time (i. e. why is ber_alloc marked deprecated)?

The only way I can think of currently to achieve this is a dirty hack:

int my_get_beroptions(LDAP *ld) {
    BerElement *ber_tmp = ber_allocate_with_options(ld);
    int res = ber_tmp->beroptions;
    ber_free(ber_tmp, 1);
    return res;



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