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Re: OpenLDAP 2.2.23 syncrepl with MODIFY & DELETE BUG.

Andriy Galetski wrote:

Hi All !

My system is Linux with OpenLdap 2.2.23  & BDB 4.3


BDB backend (provider)  ==> shell backend (consumer)

Add DN witn attr           ==>   Add DN witn attr  (Ok)

MODIFY some attr in
some DN ==> Add whole whole DN & attr (not good)

That's how the syncrepl protocol is defined. If this is a problem for you, then you should not use syncrepl.

DELETE some DN ==> Do nothing !!! ( except replace: contextCSN )
(it's BAD) :(
or some attr

When check OpenLdap 2.3.1alpha I see the same behaviour :(

Hm, for simple deletes this should not happen. It is explicitly checked in the test suite (scripts/test017) and definitely works.
Are you sure your shell backend has a Delete handler defined?

I seek through lists and find similar problem:

That specific problem probably still exists in the 2.2 provider. There are several cases where the 2.2 provider fails to detect changes that should be propagated to refreshOnly consumers. In the 2.3 provider, using a sessionlog should fix all of these cases. Since the provider codebase has been completely rewritten for 2.3, I don't foresee any further provider-related fixes ever showing up in 2.2.

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