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index_param failed on uniqueMember ?


I´m running slapd version 2.1.30 which has index line inside my
slapd.conf as below:
     index           objectClass      eq
     index           uid,uidNumber,gidNumber        eq
     index           memberUid        eq
     index           cn,host          pres,sub,eq
     index           sambaPrimaryGroupSID  eq
     index           sambaDomainName       eq
     index           default               sub
     index           sambaSID              eq

Every service works fine on my ldap (shell auth, samba, etc) but
I've got this error inside  slapd.log:

bdb_equality_candidates: (uniqueMember) index_param failed (18)

As from what I understand that log says that uniqueMember is
as a filter but it is _not_ being indexed (?)

How do I workaround it? As indexing uniqueMember is not yet
supported in openLDAP 2.1.30 and the log file gets bigger and
bigger with that same error message.

Note: I´m running a debian with linux kernel 2.4.22

Thanks a bunch,

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