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Old Post: Re: Unexpected Shutdown

Hi All,

I'm having a bit of a problem with one of our OpenLDAP 2.2.20 servers
(running on RHEL3 with bdb 4.3.21 - I know 4.3.21 is not recommended
but I'll be upgrading to 2.2.23 soon and will move to bdb 4.2.....
then). We have 3 servers, 1 master and 2 syncrepl slaves. LDAP1
(Master) and LDAP3 (slave) have no problems but LDAP2 (slave) does.

The old post referenced at:

describes the exact same error I am seeing. Brief rundown of error is
every now and then (have seen it twice today) any LDAP query returns
the error "80 Internal (implementation specific) error". I find that
one of the bdb logfiles is owned by root. Once i do an LDAP restart
(restart script includes a checkpoint and a db_recover), OpenLDAP
works fine again.

1. Has anyone seen this error before and if so, what causes it, how do
i fix it etc etc
2. Robert (from old post) said that he might increase the log file
size and see how it goes but didn't post any further info to the list.
Anyone out there know if this fixed the problem (or Robert if you're
still on this list / email address could you let me know how you

David Brown
Senior Systems Engineer
CSM Technology
Adelaide, Australia