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Dont know how to receiving userPassword

Hello everybody!

i´m new in this list and I set up Openldap as my first LDAP server. The server 
works fine, searches and binds work.
But i need LDAP for providing Passwords in cleartext to a freeradius Server for 
authentication .
(The running protocols PEAP/MSCHAPv2 need this, bind to LDAP basicaly not 
My problem is that i dont get the LDAP Server to send out Passwords from the 
Sniffers like Ethereal show that in the Search Request LDAP Packets is 
Attributename userPassword listed.
But i get back as Search Entry no Attributes provided.
Are i´m right with assuming attributevalues should be provided in the "Search 
Entry" message?
I already tried a lot of things with the Access Control Lists and set password-
How do i get the Openldap to transmit this userPassword?

Thanks in advance for help!