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Re: Ordering of data values of non-SINGLE-VALUE attributes

Marc Balmer wrote:
I need to know if the data values of non-SINGLE-VALUE attributes are always
returned in the same order they were stored or not.

After searching the archives I found indications that this is *not* case, i.e.
there is no guarantee that the data values are returned in the same or any
order at all.

Can someone confirm this?  Are there any RFCs describing the behaviour of
multi-valued attributes?

From RFC 2251 (aka LDAP v3), Paragraph 4.1.8

   Each attribute value is distinct in the set (no duplicates).  The
   order of attribute values within the vals set is undefined and
   implementation-dependent, and MUST NOT be relied upon.

I've yet to see an implementation that doesn't return values in a defined order, but there it is.

Jon Roberts