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Re: LDAP replication

In the master config, I should provide a replica with
the binddn and the credential.  But where does the
credential goes in the slave config?  I only see
updatedn, but none on the credential.  Is the
credential not needed?

the replica-bindn (master) MUST be exactly the same as the updatedn (slave). you can use the slave's rootdn but this may have some side effects. better you write manually a user in the slave that is only used for replication and give this one "access to all".

I tried the replication, but replog (defined in the
master's slapd.conf) is empty, and slurpd.replog is
still keeping the changes in it.

syslog does not give me any info also.

What is the proper step to debug this?

used the right debug level? you may use -1 to see all but this can be to much too! ;-) you probably should post part of your config if the upper help does not lead to success!

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