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how to limit number of slapd processes


i'm using openldap (old version 2.0.36 on debian stable) as backend for mail managing (postfix 2.0.13 + courier-imap/pop 0.37.3).

i've some trouble with high load peak (up to 45-50 !) when broadasting a mail to all users (1700 users). I do some debug, monitoring and i notice there is always a lot of slapd daemons (about 40) each daemon takes about 25-30 MB of RAM.

i've set dbcachesize to 30 MB. Is it directly linked to the size of running slapd process ?

It is possible to limit number of active slapd processes or the amount of RAM for each process ? I don't see any parameter for in slapd.conf for that.

Thank you for you're