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Re: ldap backup data bases?

The slapd version is 2.1.30-3. We loaded the most recent version back in October or November from Debians package.
The backend database is set to bdb. We used the default that came with the package.
Its just strange because we had the database set so that the fields were correct and working. We did some ACL experiments with modifications to some Samba fields, but they really should not have affected the posix field for the homeDirectory setting. We only used the ldapmodify command to add and modify Samba fields so I was surprised when I found the homeDirectory field set back to the way it was originally. I must have inadvertently done something to set it back.

At 10:34 AM 2/4/2005, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

--On Friday, February 04, 2005 10:01 AM -0600 Tim Tyler <tyler@beloit.edu> wrote:

   LDAP experts,
   We are in the beginning stages of getting an Openldap server up and
running on Debian.  So far it has been rather successful in that we can
get most clients to work with it.  However, we occasionally need to make
changes using ldapmodify to correct certain entries.  This works fine and
everything tests out ok.  But when we come back to the project a few days
later, we find sometimes that the ldap database has reverted back to the
way it was before the changes.  Hence, we have to perform those
ldapmodify commands again.  My question is what might cause this
scenario?  Does openldap revert back to a backup version if the current
version gets corrupt for some reason?  Might playing around with ACL's
have caused that to happen?  While its not important while I am testing,
I want to make sure that changes I make remain stable when I go live at
some point.  Any thoughts on what might cause an ldap database to revert
back to a previous status is much appreciated.

What version of OpenLDAP? What database backend (the "database XXX" option in slapd.conf)?

Once data is changed, it should never "revert back", it should only change if the change came in via a modify command of some sort.


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