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Re: backup - restore

I checked the archives, came across one with heading "OpenLDAP-Database Backup Strategies/Software"
An excerpt from this "I use slapcat to an ldif file. I also have replication to 3 other
servers. So I have 4 copies plus an ldif file that goes on tape by an
autoloader at night.

I have had to replace one slave LDAP server. I'm not using Sleepycat
backend. I'm using ldbm on all servers. To restore a broken server I
shutdown the master, sftp the db files to the directory on the new
machine, restart the master ensuring that the new server is listed in
the master's slapd.conf file and the slave lists the updateref as the
master.Then start the slave.

It's worked fine so far.

I'm just guessing on this but if you had OpenLDAP running on 2 or more
machines with different DB backends, you may have to restore a server
with ldapadd and an ldif file generated from slapcat. I don't believe
you could directly copy the DB files between different DB backends"
Does this mean, I don't have to make copies on any of the files under the database directory as per my earlier comments ?
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Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2005 1:20 PM
Subject: backup - restore

How would one do backup of the master and slave. Just my one cent thought:-
1. stop both machines
2. copy files in /var/lib/ldap into say backup directory
[the files are : c.dbb, dn2id.dbb, id2entry.dbb, nextid.dbb,objectclass.dbb,o.dbb,ou.dbb,serialNumber.dbb,slapd.replog(and slapd.replog.lock)]
3. restart machine
4. if we need to restore, we stop....we copy from backup and overwrite everything in /var/lib/ldap...we start again
Or is that incorrect ?