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RE: Open LDAP library for WIN Client

I have used an old 2.1.X OpenLDAP client lib ONLY (no server) on CYGWIN
on Win2000 server. Works OK, never use 2.2.X though.

You may download and install CYGWIN (http://www.cygwin.com), make sure
gcc/bdb/openssl/... are included so that you could use them to build
OpenLDAP server from source. I have never tried that but someone seemed
to have tried and provided some .msi or .exe install image?

Search OpenLDAP FAQ, some info are there

Search Google for:
"OpenLDAP for windows"
"Windows" site:www.openldap.org


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Subject: Open LDAP library for WIN Client

I am a newbie and need only the Open LDAP client library for Windows. I 
seem to only find documents on how to install & run the LDAP server on
Any help regarding where to download the client library would be

BTW we already have code in place that uses the client library for
originally from umich. It uses LDAP v2 and we are looking at upgrading
using LDAP v3. Of course the links from umich site have now been
to OpenLDAP website.

Thanks in advance.