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Re: account migration and not force to change password

qwerty wanted us to know:

>Yes, I can run some scripts to do the job.But as far as i know,if I'd
>like to use different password hash(say SSHA,MD5....) rather than
>{CRYPT} on LDAP,I must know the actual password for each account and
>then generate new password into LDAP.The question is I don't know these
>password and it looks as though the system password is one-way hash.

Yes, that's correct.  So you must continue to use {CRYPT} format.  The
cool thing about GNU's support of crypt format is that it supports the
old format (8 characters, 2 character salt) and the new format (31
characters, 8 character salt preceded by $1$, typically what's in

>Has anyone had experience of related problem and how?

Yep, and I was forced to use the previous format.
Regards...		Todd
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