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Re: 2.2.23's slapd segfaults when using ldapsearch

Quanah - 

Thanks for the reply. 

> I seriously advise against using MIT Kerberos 1.3.  I advise a bit against
> MIT Kerberos 1.4.  I suggest Heimdal.

Do you know specifically what it is about MIT Kerberos 1.3 that is a
problem? What do you know about 1.4 that makes you less weary? I'm not
that familiar with all the different k5 options out there. Would a
heimdal client work with an MIT Kerberos 5 realm?
> As for your slapd problems, have you run it under gdb and done a backtrace
> against the threads when it faults? Make sure you use a non-stripped slapd
> compiled with debugging symbols.

I've never done any of the above, so I'll have to do some research and
get back to you with the results.

Thanks again for your help.