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Re: OpenLDAP Perl Module (XS)

--On Tuesday, February 01, 2005 10:14 AM +1100 David J Radunz <david.radunz@staff.netspace.net.au> wrote:

What does line 108 show in your LDAPapi.xs file?
What version of perl are you using to compile with?


   for (ldap_value_count = 0; ldap_value_count <=ldap_arraylen;
      ldap_current_value_sv = av_fetch
108:  ldap_current_value_char = SvPV(*ldap_current_value_sv,na);
      ldap_pvlen = SvCUR(*ldap_current_value_sv);
      if (strcmp(ldap_current_value_char,"") != 0)
         if (ldap_isa_ber == 1)
            New(1,ldap_current_bval,1,struct berval);
		    ldap_current_bval->bv_len = ldap_pvlen;
		    ldap_current_bval->bv_val = ldap_current_value_char;


So line 108 is: ldap_current_value_char = SvPV

Hm, are you sure this is the XS file and not the .c file?

My line is:

     ldap_current_value_char = SvPV(*ldap_current_value_sv,PL_na);

(See the PL_na), which is in use throughout my .XS file.


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