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Re: ACI's and 'by users read'

> I'm trying to move a 'by users read' to ACI, but I'm having little
> luck...
> Looking at the code (servers/slapd/acl.c), I see that '#users#' should
> be possible,

I don't see it in the code (RE22): "users" is not handled in aci_mask();
it is in RE23 (ACI code was heavily rewritten, and new types were added,
including "users", "subtree", "onelevel", "children").

Since it's a trivial change it could be easily backported, but RE22 is
feature frozen, and this would add (a) new feature(s)...  maybe a
(trivial) custom patch would be a more appropriate solution.


Pierangelo Masarati

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