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RE: OpenLdap Problems on Redhat ESv3

Also for those who do not have RHEL/AS4 which is commercial:

RedHat FedoraCore3 RHFC3 (which is free) includes RPMs for OpenLDAP
2.2.13 and cyrus-sasl 2.1.19.


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> As Quanah already posted, using the default OpenLDAP package bundled
> with RedHat is your first mistake. RedHat bundles 2.0.27, which was 
> released in 2002 and has been unsupported for quite some time now. 
> You're going to need to build a recent release if you want to get 
> anywhere with this.

FWIW, RedHat Enterprise 4.0 (and by extension all the free clones) are 
finally bundling something that approaches "useful", version 2.2.13, 
linked against cyrus-sasl 2.1.19 and other recent pieces.


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