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Re: Multimaster Replication

I'd wager he uses the same setup I use. Multimaster. This is the link I used: http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200204/msg00679.html as a guide. Despite its age, the document still works through at least 2.1.30 (found on debian-sarge).

--Travis Groth

Neuharth, Steven wrote:
Wow... that's all I really need. Very cool. Where is that configuration documented?

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> And promoting the replica to master is still a manual process? No, it isn't. You have two master servers. Both servers replicate
the other one. like master1 <=> master2. If you have a problem with
master1, the loadbalancer switch to master2. All changes shall be
written to the master2. If the master1 is still alive again, the
master2 replicate (if slurpd) all the changes to master1. So this
master is updated and can work as befor.