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Re: Slurpd pid problem

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 12:08 +0100, "Florian Preuß" wrote:
> I want to specify a pid for slurpd, but it doesn't work. 
> Shouldn't a pid file created if slurpd is started? 
> There is no pid in /var/run. 
> If I start slurpd using startproc and an extra pid, it doesn't work 
> either. "/sbin/startproc -p /var/myrun/slurpd.pid -u ldap- g 
> ldap /usr/lib/openldap/slurpd -t /var/lib/slurpd" 
> How can this be done? 

When I interpret the "man 8C slurd" correct there is not flag like -p 

/usr/sbin/slurpd [-d debug-level] [-f slapd-config-file] [-r slapd-
replog-file] [-t temp-dir] [-o] [-k srvtab-file]

If startproc in your case is responsable for the creation of a pid file
I would recommend to refer to the manpage of startproc.