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search by postalAddress


i am trying to search employees of my company by attribute
postalAddress and i always get the above error.

slapd[4095]: do_search
slapd[4095]: >>> dnPrettyNormal:<ou=people,o=mycompany,c=DE>
slapd[4095]:SRCH "ou=people,o=mycompany,c=DE" 2 3
slapd[4095]:     0 0 0
slapd[4095]: begin get_filter
slapd[4095]: EQUALITY
slapd[4095]: get_ava: illegal value for attributeType postalAddress
slapd[4095]: end get_filter 0
slapd[4095]:     filter: (?=undefined)
slapd[4095]:     attrs:

My search is:
ldapsearch -h localhost -D cn=admin,o=mycompany,c=DE -w secret -b
ou=people,o=mycompany,c=DE postalAddress=Berlin

The ldif of my example can be found unter

any hints ? 

Christian Gellweiler                    i::Dev
Schlund + Partner AG                Interne Anwendungen
76135 Karlsruhe
Brauerstr. 48                           

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