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Re: Slurpd pid problem

> I want to specify a pid for slurpd, but it doesn't work.
> Shouldn't a pid file created if slurpd is started?
> There is no pid in /var/run.
> If I start slurpd using startproc and an extra pid, it doesn't work
> either. "/sbin/startproc -p /var/myrun/slurpd.pid -u ldap- g
> ldap /usr/lib/openldap/slurpd -t /var/lib/slurpd"

see replica-pidfile in slapd.conf(5); note that this statement has been
introduced in 2.1.23; you don't specify what version of the software
you're using.  If you use more than one replog, there's no way to specify
separate pid files for each instance of slurpd.


Pierangelo Masarati

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