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proxyAttrSet: Only using the LAST value

I'm trying to get Proxy Cache to work on my 2.2.23 OpenLDAP
server. Again. Previous attemt (a few months ago) didn't
succeed and i failed to document what I was doing and why :)

----- s n i p -----
proxyattrset            0 uid uidNumber gidNumber loginShell homeDirectory
proxyattrset            0 uid
proxytemplate           (uid=) 0 3600
----- s n i p -----

Work below means that I get what I ask for, but it's not cached...

A search with 'uid=turbo uid' works as expected, but not a search
with 'uid=turbo uid uidNumber gidNumber loginShell homeDirectory'.

Swaping the two first (proxyattrset) lines make the second search
work, but not the first.

Another thing - proxying SASL auths. I found my own thead
from July ('slapd-{ldap,meta} && autentication') that that
wasn't supported in slapd-meta. Is this still the case (I 
_THINK_ I was playing with 2.1 at the time, so HEAD _should_
be what we're now calling 2.2)?

I could get everything but SASL auth to work with slapd-meta,
but I still wanted to try out slapd-ldap.
That isn't working AT ALL. The slave is doing an anonymous
bind against the master, despite 'proxyauthzdn', 'rootdn'
or 'binddn' so I'm not getting ANYTHING back...