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Re: slapd process needs a restart

--On Tuesday, January 25, 2005 3:42 PM +0200 Roberto Balducci <roberto.balducci@proconsul-it.it> wrote:


we're having a problem with our openldap installation.

Our software release are:

   - db-4.1.25.NC
   - openldap-2.1.23

and are installed on an alpha ds10 with TRU64 5.1A operating system.

Our db has about 4300000 entries and the id2entry.bdb file is about 7,7

We had some performance problem, so we had installed another 1 gb of ram,
and better tuned the slapd, updating the slapd.conf and DB_CONFIG file:
we set cachesize slapd.conf's attribute to 3000000 and the set_cachesize
DB_CONFIG's attribute to 1 52428800 1; we had also updated the kernel
related attributes.

Now slapd is faster and it has performance as we need, but after 3 days
of work, even if it's running and seems to be working fine, it doesn't
accept any new connections or become very slowly, and we do not have any
other things that to restart it.

From system point of view, nothing seems strange, socket are all
established, but running the netstat -an | grep 389 command more times,
we see that the number of bytes in either receive and send queue, do not

In this scenario, if we start ldapsearch, it takes 15 minutes, to
retrieve information.

The ordinary work is to answer to thousands ldap query request per day
and to add about 15000 entries per day.

Any suggestion will be very appreciate.

I would suggest upgrading both OL and BDB. At the least, upgrade OL to OL-2.1.30. OL-2.1.23, and many many bugs were fixed between the 2.1.23 release and 2.1.30 release. I'd highly advise moving to OL 2.2.23, given the DOS vulnerability in all OL 2.1 releases & OL 2.2 releases that are less then 2.2.23.

For BDB, BDB-4.2.52 (plus patches) is a more stable platform than 4.1.25, and has better performance as well, in tests that I did for the OL 2.1 line a long long time ago.


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