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Re: nested groups in Openldap

At 07:28 AM 1/25/2005, Sebastian Bickel wrote:
>Hello list,
>i want to use nested groups with nss-ldap.
>I have two questions:
>  > Is it possible to realize this in Openldap? Which objectClass do I need
>and which parammeters must I configure?

One can store nested group objects in a directory hosted by slapd(8).
Whether or not nested group objects are supported by any particular
application is up to that application.  (slapd(8), itself, as an
application of the directory, doesn't (for instance, in "by group"
access clauses).  But that doesn't preclude other applications of
the directory for supporting nested groups.)

>  > The next question is, weather nss-ldap supports this (if someone knows

This question is more appropriately directed to <nssldap@padl.com>.