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Bdb files too fragmented


we're using followind software release 

   - db-4.1.25.NC
   - openldap-2.1.23

installed on an alpha ds 10 with TRU64 5.1A operating system.

We see that the bdb files become to much fragmented: we have the id2entry.bdb file with more than 76000 extents, and the dn2id.bdb with more than 51000 extents; in this scenario we see that performance are very poor, and so we need to do a filesystem defragment, very often.

We add about 15000 entries on the bdb, and probably this is not the properly usage: to understand if we have to change our db, moving toware a relational database, we would like to know if we can solve this fragmentation issue.

Thanks in advance.

Ciao, Roberto