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Re: OpenLDAP+Oracle10g

ZhangPu wrote:


A question about the procedure "set_person_name" of the testdata_metadata.sql for Oracle.

Default, it was written as:
CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE set_person_name(keyval IN NUMBER, new_name IN varchar2) AS
UPDATE persons SET name=new_name WHERE id=keyval;

* What does this "new_name" mean? It seemed like "new_name" does not exist in the tables which has been created by the backsql_create.sql and testdb_create.sql or any back-sql source.

Is it a internal identifier of Oracle itself?

Almost I don't know Oracle internal tables (for example, dual) clearly.

I guess it's the name of the parameter that is passed to the procedure; the procedure is supposed to update table "persons", which is created in "testdb_create.sql", setting the value of "new_name" in column "name" in the row whose column "id" is set to "keyval", the first parameter of the procedure. As you can see, the argument sequence is the opposite of a regular update statement:

       set_person_name( keyval, new_name);


       update persons set name=new_name where id=keyval;

To allow both syntaxes, whenever appropriate, the "param_order" field is available. That parameter is a bitmask: 0x1 refers to the "add_proc", and 0x2 refers to "delete_proc". If defined, it indicates that the form (a) is in use, i.e. the "keyval" comes first in the parameter sequence.

I suggest you refer to Oracle's documentation for details about stored procedures; in detail, I cannot confirm the above procedure is correct because I'm not familiar with Oracle.


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