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Re: LDAP slurp problem [auf Viren überprüft]

Hans Moser wrote:

Pierangelo Masarati schrieb das Folgende am 18.01.2005 22:10:

Same here with 2.2.17.
I splited the DIT into two partions: root and ou=system.
First I replicated ou=system to two slaves. One database with a single replogfile. Everything works fine.
Today I added a replica-statement for the root-partition to replicate it to slave1. I added a replogfile there. But replication only works for one database, the second is ignored.
I disabled the two replogfiles and set a new one outside the databases.
Replication works, but slurpd seems to attempt to add the changes two times to slave1.
So I changed host for slave1 too SLAVE1 in one database and it works.

Is it problematic to use only one replogfile overall?

Yes if you need different access policies (in a broad sense, not merely ACLs) to the two databases (e.g. in one database you have customer1's stuff and in another you have customer2's stuff and you want to keep them separate e.g. for archival or diagnostics purposes). In that case use two separate ones, and use the uppercase workaround to distinguish between the two. Otherwise it's just fine, and you have just one slurpd doing all the work.


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