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Re: LDAP slurp problem [auf Viren überprüft]

On Wed, Jan 19, 2005 at 01:41:31PM +0100, Hans Moser wrote:
> Pierangelo Masarati schrieb das Folgende am 18.01.2005 22:10:
> Same here with 2.2.17.
> I splited the DIT into two partions: root and ou=system.
> First I replicated ou=system to two slaves. One database with a single 
> replogfile. Everything works fine.
> Today I added a replica-statement for the root-partition to replicate it 
> to slave1. I added a replogfile there. But replication only works for 
> one database, the second is ignored.
> I disabled the two replogfiles and set a new one outside the databases.
> Replication works, but slurpd seems to attempt to add the changes two 
> times to slave1.
> So I changed host for slave1 too SLAVE1 in one database and it works.

Yes, there is even an ITS on this (#3223). The final answer was
"None of the project developers has taken any interest in this issue, but 
you can always submit a patch that would be considered for incorporation."