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Re: openldap.schema and core.schema questions

At 01:20 PM 1/18/2005, Ron Wheeler wrote:
>This may be a silly question but I am curious about why this class does not have 'top' (or some other class) as  its base class.
>objectClass ( OpenLDAPobjectClass:6
>   NAME 'OpenLDAPdisplayableObject'
>   DESC 'OpenLDAP Displayable Object'
>   MAY displayName AUXILIARY )

Because it simply isn't necessary.

>In core.schema, searchGuide is marked as obsolete and replaced by enhancedSearchGuide but enhanced searchGuide is never used and the obsolete searchGuide is used in 6 ObjectClasses.

Actually, its only noted in a comment that searchGuide is by enhancedSearchGuide (see RFC 2256).  But its not specified as
OBSOLETE (see RFC 2252) in the schema.

>Is there a reason for this?

We provide schema elements as defined in their specifications.
If you want to know the rationale for design choices made
in various specifications, I suggest you read the specifications
(they often provide some discussion of rationale), ask a
question on the <ldapext@ietf.org> (LDAP extensions standardization
mailing list), or ask the authors of the specifications.