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Re: Measuring activity/problem with timeouts

--On Monday, January 17, 2005 11:39 AM -0800 Rob Tanner <rtanner@linfield.edu> wrote:

On a slightly separate note, OpenLDAP 2.2.17 had memory leak & cacheleak
issues.  You might want to upgrade to the latest OL stable version
(2.2.20).  I also have two patches to OL 2.2.20, one that fixes a problem
with slurpd replication where changes can be lost if there is a high
volume of changes, and one that fixes an issue that can occur with
indexing using back-bdb.

Based on the above, I've gone ahead and upgraded. I've also increaed the cachesize from its default of 100k to 20000k. I'll know tomorrow weather any of that helped.

What database backend are you using? back-ldbm? back-bdb? If you are using back-bdb, make sure your DB_CONFIG file is properly tuned as well. A very large entry cache may or may not help a lot, it will depend on your system resources. You may also wish to set and idlcachesize as well, if using back-bdb.

For back-bdb, see:


Just to note, for Stanford's 60k accounts, I only store 20k in my entry cache, and that seems quite sufficient.


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