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Re: Solved: index_param failed

> On Sun, 2005-01-16 at 23:31 +0100, Wolf-Agathon Schaly wrote:
>> Further lets look at the entire line - index_param failed was not the
>> full story. The full line of error message is
>> <= bdb_equality_candidates: (uniqueMember) index_param failed (18)
>> That made me think ... Where in goods name came the "equality candidat"
>> from and why is that damn system looking for uniqueMember. I looked at
>> my LDIF - no non unique definition.
>> But only for all "human beings" ... hmmm and some "non human" accounts
>> like mailman and dovecot.
>> What is the solution:
>> At the end it is logic and easy - but you have to know.
>> If you have an entry in you passwd/shadow AND your OpenLDAP database
>> you'll see this kind of messages. You simply need to delete either one
>> account in LDAP or your passwd.
>> BEWARE: DO NOT DELETE root from passwd but from LDAP - just in case your
>> LDAP is currupt, you'll never be able to login you your system.
> ----
> sounds like something that should be on web site / common errors...
> <http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/53.html>
> I think I asked about this 2 weeks ago and am grateful to know why.

I note that:
1) that log does no harm; it's not an error
2) its appearance in the case indicated above is related to third party
software usage, so it has very little to do with OpenLDAP
3) the FAQ is interactive and welcomes any fruitful contribution that may
be of help to other users; it takes roughly 5 seconds to sign up and
little more to understand how to post an entry


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