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Re: Multiple syncrepl problems

>>>>> "Howard" == Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> writes:

    Turbo> 'internal maintenance' - such as!? I haven't had a rootdn
    Turbo> since 1.3.something (which was YEARS ago), and from what I can
    Turbo> tell, everything (!) have worked flawlessly...

    Howard> Then you've been lucky. For example, the old (pre 2.2.20)
    Howard> syncrepl consumer performs Modifies by deleting the old
    Howard> entry and adding the new entry.

You're talking _replication_ (in one form or the other) only here?
Or are you talking _syncrepl_ specifically?

I've only used syncrepl for three-four days now, so I was talking
_no replication_ and _slurpd replication_.

I've never had any problem without a rootdn in those circumstances...

    Howard> That's exactly what I'm talking about *supporting* - you
    Howard> can have multiple databases with one consumer per
    Howard> database. But there is no apparent benefit to multiple
    Howard> consumers in a single database, and there is an obvious
    Howard> downside to it already (managing those annoying
    Howard> cn=syncrepl subentries).

Sounds reasonable. Thanx for the explanation.