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Re: multiway replication

> In back-ldap this is handled with:
>     isupdate = be_shadow_update( op );
> ...
>         if ( !isupdate && a->a_desc->ad_type->sat_no_user_mod  ) {
>             continue;
>         }

fixed. fixed also in rwm overlay.

> Probably the same change needs to be present in back-meta.
> Also, you should probably be using back-ldap anyway, you're not doing
> anything special here that requires the features of back-meta. And
> eventually back-meta is going to be phased out.

In 2.3 he doesn't even need to use back-ldap; he can put a rwm overlay in
front of the master that rewrites the local DNs as global, but doesn't
rewrite anything back.  Something like

# global scope, otherwise needs to configure
# a back-relay with empty suffix
overlay rwm
rwm-rewriteEngine on

# rewrite all incoming DNs from local to global scope
rwm-rewriteContext default
rwm-rewriteRule "^(.+,)?ou=local,dc=suffix$" "%1ou=global,dc=suffix" ":@"

# don't rewrite outgoing DNs
rwm-rewriteContext searchEntryDN
rwm-rewriteContext searchAttrDN
rwm-rewriteContext matchedDN
rwm-rewriteContext referralDN

# don't rewrite misc stuff
rwm-rewriteContext searchFilter

Haven't tested it, but it should work; if it doesn't there might be a bug.

Ciao, p.

Pierangelo Masarati

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