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Re: sessionlog question

>>>>> "Stephan" == Stephan Dühr <stephan.duehr@dass-it.de> writes:

    Stephan> the FAQ
    Stephan> (http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/1125.html) says
    Stephan> that sessionlog is used with a replication id (sessionlog
    Stephan> <rid> <changelimit>), but in the Admin-Guide it's session
    Stephan> log id (sessionlog <sid> <limit>).  This is a bit
    Stephan> confusing.

It's only confusing if you take 'sid' and 'rid' literally. The 'r' in
'rid' I asume means REMOTE (and I'm _guessing_ that the 's' in 'sid'
means something like SOURCE - have no idea if that's the case, it just
seem logical to me :).

Basically they say the exact same thing... 

    Stephan> That means, even if i have multiple
    Stephan> consumers replicating the same stuff from a provider, i
    Stephan> only need one sessionlog. Or is it so that the consumer
    Stephan> uses the rid to forge the syncrepl cookie?

The 'sessionlog' goes (ONLY) on the provider. The number you specify
(sid or rid - whatever) must match the 'rid=' value you have on the

So if you have multiple consumers replicating against the same provider,
the consumer configuration option 'syncrepl' is/should be IDENTICAL...