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Problem whith rootdn

  I am using radius to find attributes in LDAP, but radius don´t make 
authentication in ldap.

  I'm thinking that I have problema with rootdn config.

  Below I list my steps:
 I only "rootpw teste" in my slapd.conf.
 I put in slapd.conf 'rootdn "cn=root,dc=voip,dc=nce,dc=ufrj,dc=br"'
and 'suffix "dc=br"'.
 After I use "ldapadd" to create my  tree with all struct expect
"cn=root,dc=voip,dc=nce,dc=ufrj,dc=br" .
 I don´t create  "cn=root,dc=voip,dc=nce,dc=ufrj,dc=br".

 Is this correct?

 Is there another step to config this ?