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RE: Multiple syncrepl problems

Good day,

> >Could both the Admin Guide and man pages both be corrected 
> to reflect these
> >changes, please, if they will be permanent?  The slapd.conf 
> man page still
> >says "It is recommended that the rootdn only be specified 
> when needed (such
> >as when initially populating a database)", which I'm sure a 
> large number of
> >other admins have tried to follow.
> >  
> >

> That comment is essentially correct - use a rootdn only when 
> needed. The 
> fact is that with syncrepl, the rootdn is always needed.

Thanks for all of this helpful information.  We should be good to go now.

It certainly would have been nice to know, back when we got started with
this, that a rootdn is always needed with syncrepl.  This detail is not
documented anywhere that I can find in the man page or Admin guide, and
certainly not in syncrepl section.  Even a note under the rootdn or syncrepl
directive in the man page would have saved us a lot of time.

Thanks again for everyone's help!

Darren Gamble
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