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Re: overlay_init failed

Howard Chu wrote:

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

I had no chain overlay configured, not even compiled.
Now I have compiled OpenLDAP-2.3.0alpha without any dynamic loadable
modules but everything compiled in, and installed. The ldif file is
loaded without any complains and slapd runs fine now.
I think I will file an ITS.

Clear; the chain overlay chain_init() function calls some internal of back-ldap (which the chain overlay is based on) so if the chain overlay is built as static, and back-ldap is built as dynamic, this call will surely fail. An ITS might be appropriate.

I think it was a bad idea to separate the chain overlay from back-ldap in the first place. It would probably be best to just roll it back in there.

I've put the chain.c file back into back-ldap, and added a rudimentary test032-chain. It needs improvements like binds, writes and so. Another test that should be added is one using the chain overlay as global in a replica, and see writes to the replica referred to the master. I've done it as an exercise, and it revealed a few problems for global overlays in writing, so we better solve them first (partly done).


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