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Re: Slurpd replication 2.0->2.2 problem

--On Friday, January 07, 2005 1:33 PM -0600 John Morris <openldap@butchwax.com> wrote:


I've just upgraded one of my slave ldap servers to 2.2.13.  When copying
the database over in LDIF format using slapcat/slapadd, the 2.2 slapadd
complained about syntax errors.  The problem was that the syntax of the
DN of the ModifiersName changed:  the old format for GSSAPI DNs was
"uid=kerb/princ + realm=REALM.COM", and the new format is
"uid=kerb/princ,cn=realm.com,cn=gssapi,cn=auth".  Simply changing the
format in the LDIF file stopped slapadd's complaints, and the slave
server is now working, except:

It now appears that the same problem is occurring with slurpd updates.
The master server, running 2.0.27, is sending the ModifiersName with the
old syntax.  The new slave server of course complains in the .rej file,
"ERROR: invalid syntax".

How can I fix this without having to upgrade the master server and the
other slave servers on the network?  Is it possible to get slurpd to
stop sending the ModifiersName?  Or is it possible to change the syntax
of the ModifiersName to accept the old format?

You cannot replicate from 2.0.x master to 2.2.x slave.


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