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Re: SyncRepl - no write access

  I believe I ran into this same problem a while ago, in 2.2.15.  I had
to remove the sasl_ssf requirement for my syncrepl updateDN.  Since the
update happens local (ie, the provider is not pushing from outside, but
rather syncrepl is simply changing contect to the updateDN with no
authentication, or something like that), there is no kerberos
authenticaion happening, therefore sasl_ssf!=56.

> access to * by group.base="cn=Replicators,ou=LDAP,ou=System,o=Bayour.COM,c=SE" sasl_ssf=56 write
>             by dn.exact="cn=ldap/provider,ou=LDAP,ou=System,o=Bayour.COM,c=SE" sasl_ssf=56 write
>             by aci write

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