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Re: Problem with CN containg multiple spaces

On Tue, 04 Jan 2005 23:42:39 +0100, Pierangelo Masarati writes:
>>The problem is that there are a couple DNs which only differ in the 
>> amount of spaces in the CN, eg
>>    CN=Doe\, John,OU=Users,DC=local
>>    CN=Doe\,  John,OU=Users,DC=local

>As per directoryString syntax (the syntax used by the "cn" attribute 
>inside your DN), multiple spaces are treated as a single space when the 
>DN is normalized/prettified.  As a consequence, although differently 
>represented, the two DNs you show are exactly the same when compared.

Where is the directoryString syntax specified? I can't find it in the 
 schema-files, and in RFC2252/2253 there's no mention of any prettyfying
 I can find.

I'd be glad to hit the Active Directory guys over the heads with an RFC 
 violation, but ATM it looks like I'll be the one hit :/

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