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Sucking Replication

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Is it possible to have ServerB request updates from ServerA rather
than having ServerA force updates to ServerB?

The reason why I ask is this:
I have a public server that currently uses the oLDAP client to read
account information from a private server behind the firewall.  The
public server is setup without a firewall.  Nothing is run on that
server that is not meant for public consumption.  For stability
purposes, it would be much better if I had a replication of the oLDAP
database available on the public server.  But I don't want my LDAP
data publicly available.  So I would like to bind the server to
localhost only.  This way, the machine could use the localhost LDAP
server for its account information.

The problem comes in in insuring that the LDAP server on the public
server is a reasonable replica of the one inside the office.  My
thought was possibly a cron process that ran once per hour.  If
updates don't replicate for an hour or two, that would be absolutely
fine.  If I needed an account updated more quickly than that, I could
manually run the update process (the one run by cron) from the public
server.  We have very few changes, so this setup would actually be
ideal.  This way I do not need to deal with a picky firewall just to
replicate accounts without exposing my LDAP server.

All help greatly appreciated.

Kevin Fries
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