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RE: OpenLDAP not logging

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005, Tay, Gary wrote:

> >*.*                     /var/log/ldap.log
> >> Yes, it works now, thank you!
> Slapd by default logs via "local4", why should you log "*"?

The !slapd line above it is a special instruction to BSD syslogd to only
consider input from the program that identifies itself as "slapd" for any
following config lines. *.* then matches all lines.  It's meant to get
around only having 8 local facilities and programs that don't offer the
facility as a config option.

The purpose in suggesting the alternate syntax was to achieve the desired
behavior without resorting to complex syslog debugging. If you wanted to
verify what facility it was logging on you could run syslogd with -v and
check the log for the facility and level.

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